We all know the basic story - a doctor unleashes a monster on the world after creating it from scratch parts and some electrical magic.
This original novel takes us right into the head of that "mad" doctor.
What led up to the creation? Why was he so obsessed with the creation? What made him turn on his progeny?

And, we also are let right into the mind of the creature, who, abandoned, makes his own way in the world, rejected, scorned, feared. How does he survive? How does he learn? Who does he love? And what does he do to try and influence the good doctor to make this right?
It's all here.
Mary Shelley was only 18 when she wrote her novel. Her vocabulary and prose are amazing for someone so young.
The story begins in an unusual way - a man writing to an unknown loved one describes his journey leading up to a sighting of the "monster".

We're then transported into the life of the young Dr. Frankenstein, writing his long journal entry about his fateful decision to create life from "nothing". He foreshadows terrible things, of which most of them come true.
We meet Dr. Frankenstein's family - those he loved and grew up with. His father, brothers, and beloved adopted cousin, Elizabeth, whom he later vows to marry.
They all play their parts in this macabre story. All throughout, we think, "Stop it, Dr. Frankenstein. You must be able to find a way to stop this madness." But, events rush headlong just to where the doctor predicts they will.

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